KURZ Press Releases

Sealing caps with electroplated look

Fürth/Germany, 26 April 2017: Leonhard Kurz has developed a new decoration method for plastic sealing caps, which enables true metal layers to be applied without electroplating. The patent-pending Kurz CAP-tivate Luxury process cre-ates a high-gloss metallic finish that is very similar in appearance to electroplating. At the same time, it fulfills the very stringent chemical resistance requirements of, for example, the cosmetics industry.



A sample says more than 1000 pictures

Fürth/Germany, 25 April 2017: Leonhard Kurz, a manufacturer of decorative and functional coatings, will be presenting Kurz Instant Prototyping, a new prototyping service for customers at Interpack in Düsseldorf from May fourth to tenth. Thanks to Kurz's expertise in stamping foil finishing, the instant prototyping service will be able to provide customers with custom decorated packaging or label samples - if necessary, within a single day.


Exclusiveness on a roll

Fürth/Germany, 18 April 2017: Leonhard Kurz will be presenting its new foil transfer unit for digital metallization in a web-fed printing process at Interpack, from May fourth to tenth in Düsseldorf. The machine is a roll-to-roll version of the DM-Liner UV-Ink, which transfers metallizations to paper and plastic substrates using the inkjet process. Kurz developed this finishing station to enable the nar-row-web processing sector to also take advantage of all the possibilities offered by its digital metal transfer technology.


Foil requirements calculation via mouse click

Fürth/Germany, 12 April 2017: Leonhard Kurz will be presenting its Foilconnect program for calculating foil requirements at this year's Interpack, from May fourth to tenth in Düsseldorf. The purpose of the program is to provide print finishers with a particularly fast and easy means of optimizing their hot stamping foil usage. To determine the foil requirements, a PDF file containing all the stamping designs is first uploaded. Next the machine specifications and stamping job details are entered and, a few clicks later, all the necessary information for efficient foil usage and machine setup are then obtained.


Packaging trends and product finishing innovations

Fürth/Germany, 2 September 2016: Leonhard Kurz, a specialist in sophisticated decoration solutions, will be presenting a whole host of ideas for current and future packaging refinement at Luxe Pack Monaco from 21 - 23 September 2016. With the aid of its "Brand" packaging series, the company will demonstrate a range of innovative and novelly implemented decoration processes for a variety of materials.


NXP Europe invests in new DM‑Liner from Kurz

Fürth/Germany, 10 June 2016: The British digital printing company NXP Europe is the first company worldwide to invest in the B2 format Digital Metal technology from Leonhard Kurz. The company purchased a Kurz DM-Liner for digital metallization at Drupa 2016, where the B2 machine was demonstrated for the first time. This foil transfer station for digital printing equipment produces metallic effects on paper and card stock, even for one-off print jobs. Subsequent color overprinting is used to create metallizations in arbitrary color tones. It is also possible to transfer holographic designs. Using the DM-Liner, NXP plans to offer its customers unique digital finishing solutions such as elaborately decorated commercial print jobs or refined personalized packaging.


New DM-Liner UV Ink for digital metallization

24. May 2016: Leonhard Kurz adds a transfer unit with inkjet technology to its product line for digital print finishing

Leonhard Kurz, developer of the Digital Metal creative metal transfer process, will be presenting its new DM-Liner UV Ink transfer unit at Drupa 2016. This new machine transfers Digital Metal foil onto paper and plastic substrates using the inkjet method. The Digital Metal decoration step can be performed either before or after digital or offset color printing. The transfer station therefore offers unique design possibilities and opens up new market segments for providers of printing services.


Kurz Technology for Banknote of the Year

18. May 2016: New Zealand's new 5 Dollar Banknote using a novel security feature provided by Leonhard KURZ receives international banknote award

The International Bank Note Society (IBNS) has voted the new 5 Dollar bill of New Zealand, equipped with foil security from Leonhard Kurz, as Banknote of the Year 2015. Each year, the IBNS awards a banknote for artistic banknote design and the use of innovative security elements. The new 5 Dollar banknote of New Zealand convinced the jury with its color concept and a novel security feature developed by Kurz: A diffractive optically variable security foil is applied in hot stamping over a transparent area in the polymer banknote.


Allrounders and specialists for any case

17. May 2016: Leonhard Kurz presents its latest stamping foil developments
at Drupa

Optimized foil grades to successfully carry out a wide variety of stamping jobs - this is what Kurz promises with its latest hot stamping product range which it will present at Drupa 2016. The company has developed a so-called M-series to make hot stamping even less complicated for processors and to simplify stock keeping. The Luxor/Alufin MTS stamping foil was developed for this purpose, and is a versatile and easy-to-process foil with exceptionally consistent processability and proven success in the market.


Print finishing that will make people look twice

10. May 2016: New Kurz stamping foil changes color at different viewing angles

The metallized stamping foil Luxor MTS Polarlight from Leonhard Kurz offers packaging designers new possibilities for gaining the attention of the viewer. Depending on the angle at which a print product finished with this design foil is viewed, the metallic color changes from a cool emerald green to a vibrant purple. When the foil is applied to multiple areas on the packaging or to a curved surface, for example on a bottle label, both colors can be visible at the same time. This enables a two-color effect to be produced from just a single stamping foil.


LEONHARD KURZ named a HP SmartStream Solutions Partner

3. May 2016: The KURZ DM-Liner – for creating glossy, metalized surfaces with digital print  will be presented at the HP stand at drupa 2016

LEONHARD KURZ, the specialist in decorative and functional thin-film coatings, is now part of the HP SmartStream Solutions Partner Program. This program was set up by HP to enhance the HP digital print ecosystem through cooperation with technology partners, in order to provide HP customers with complete solutions that boost growth. HP has recognized KURZ and its Digital Metal process as a partner that creates tangible added value using digital technology for print products.


Innovative die technologies for hot stamping

26. April 2016: Hinderer + Mühlich presenting novel die designs
and setup aids at Drupa

The manufacturer of hot stamping dies Hinderer + Mühlich will be taking part at this year's Drupa as a co-exhibitor with the stamping foil manufacturer Kurz. The company, a member of the Kurz Group, will be presenting its latest die technology developments at the Kurz booth. On display will be novel hot stamping dies for producing a broad range of contemporary stamping designs. The company will also be presenting innovative aids for efficient die mounting.


New tools for brand enhancement

19. April 2016: Leonhard Kurz showcasing holographic designs with special color and 3D effects at Drupa

At Drupa 2016 Leonhard Kurz will be presenting new optically variable devices for hot stamping and cold foil finishing. The key features of these holographic single images and continuous designs are a novel color change or special depth effect. Kurz developed these designs to offer brand name manufacturers new possibilities for attractive packaging design and brand name protection.


Single images in cold foil transfer

12. April 2016: New module for precisely positioning holographic single-image designs

Leonhard Kurz will be presenting the Distorun module for processing single images and continuous designs on narrow-web cold foil transfer systems at this year's Drupa. Previously, it has only been possible to transfer metallic colors and holographic continuous designs using cold foil technology. With the Distorun module installed on a printing machine, it is now also possible to precisely position holographic single images


New varieties of holographic designs

5. April 2016: Intentional color minimization and innovative light refraction patterns create surprising effects

At Drupa 2016, Leonhard Kurz will be presenting novel holographic designs for hot stamping and cold foil decoration. Three new design lines complementing the so-called Light Line product range will be presented: New Classics with combined or unusually arranged lens effects, White Infinities with frosted continuous designs, and White Images with eye-catching holographic single images and elegant color effects.


New horizons in print finishing

1. April 2016: Leonhard Kurz will be presenting new print finishing possibilities and optimized processes at Drupa

Using the theme "Creating New Horizons" at Drupa 2016, Kurz will be demonstrating new opportunities and perspectives for the printing and print finishing sector. The manufacturer of decorative and functional coatings will present new possibilities for effectively enhancing print products, while at the same time simplifying the finishing process.


Drupa 2016 -– Don't just touch the future -– live the future with Kurz innovation and creativity…...

29. March 2016: Leonhard Kurz @ Drupa May 31-June10, 2016, –Booth D60 in Hall 3

Innovative and creative global decoration specialist Leonhard Kurz will feature its largest number of inspired new products and capabilities at Drupa 2016 in Düsseldorf May/June this year.


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