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'Rethink what's possible' is the motto of our trade fair appearance at drupa 2024. But it's more than just a motto. 'Rethink what's possible' means that we are continuously developing our products and going beyond what was previously possible. As an international company, we set industry standards worldwide in the field of surface decoration.

How do we achieve this? We combine supposed opposites like creativity with technology, desire with budget, safety with style, virtuality with reality and design with sustainability, to create outstanding embellishment solutions. We bundle our expertise to go one step beyond what has already been done. We drive innovation and create breathtaking surface solutions for the graphic industry.

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Thank you for eleven successful drupa trade fair days with exciting perspectives, interesting contacts, valuable discussions and fantastic teamwork. Thank you for your trust. Many people, one goal, ready for the next level: Re:think what's possible!

Markus Hoffmann,
Member of the Management Board

"During the last decades, we have continuously built up our strong partnership with drupa. This is hardly surprising, as both drupa and KURZ focus on innovation and constantly aim to develop ourselves and the industry. We are delighted to be back again this year as a Platinum Partner at drupa, and to rethink what’s possible!"

Creativity and Technology. Falling in Love.

Creativity and technology go hand in hand. As a specialist in surface decoration, we develop unique finishes and create outstanding, individual solutions. In addition, we offer the right embellishment equipment and tools to push the boundaries of technology. We make creativity and technology fall in love. Are you looking for unique effects, strong colors or tactile experiences to achieve outstanding print and packaging designs? We live innovation and offer you the best possible products and solutions.

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Dr. Laurin Leeb
Head of International Product Management Business Area Industrial

"I am proud that at drupa, we showcase SILVER LINE(R). Movement creates three-dimensional effects in metallic tones. Plays of light and light-dark contrasts create raised reliefs. Dynamic landscapes and illusions of depth are created to attract the eye. All this is achievable because we rethink what’s possible"

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Thomas Lorenz
International Sales Manager Digital Embellishment Solutions

"I realized that thinking outside the box was essential. That’s how I discovered digital embellishment. It offers its very own advantages: speed, efficiency, and flexibility. And: The effects of digital embellishment are fascinating."

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No limits for creativity

Unlimited possibilities: Whether matte or high-gloss surface finishes, whether metallization or diffractive and holographic 3D effects – with our products there is no need to compromise. Flat embossing or an exciting haptic experience? Making every product unique is not just our mission, it's a promise

  • LUXOR® / ALUFIN® Our high-gloss classics
  • LIGHT LINE® Eye-catching diffractive rainbow effects
  • SILVER LINE®NEW: Stylish achromatic designs
  • LUMAFIN® Play with semi-transparent layers
  • COLORIT® Intensive colors for powerful designs

Embellishment for all needs

KURZ is not only an expert when it comes to transfer products, but also has extensive expertise in machine manufacturing. Together with our subsidiaries Steinemann DPE, MPRINT and H+M, we are your competent partner for innovative embellishment technologies and tools. At drupa 2024, you can experience our expertise in digital embellishment and digital printing in various live demonstrations.

  • DM-MAXLINER 3D for haptic digital embellishment, UV spot and relief varnishing
  • DM-MAXLINER 2D for digital metallization on an outstanding variety of substrates
  • DM-SMARTLINER for smart and efficient digital metallization
  • MPRINT 4C inkjet printing unit for late stage customization>

Virtuality and Reality. Having a Date.

What if you could design your packaging virtually and test real design effects on your screen? Or if your products could be digitally tracked transparently along the entire supply chain? Our digital solutions upgrade haptic products and offer you competitive advantages at the POS. At KURZ, virtuality and reality have a date and network for a successful future. Let our digital solutions surprise you.

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Julia König
Senior Designer Design Management Packaging and Print

"For me as a designer, presenting our finishes to our customers digitally in 2D is a great challenge. Or it was a great challenge, as I should say. We needed a better solution to visualize structured surfaces and embossing effects. With the DREAMCOMPOSER®, we now have this solution."

Constantin Prussak
Digital Innovation Manager

"To us, it was clear: If there is no suitable solution, we develop one ourselves! This is how the DREAMCOMPOSER® was created. With the DREAMCOMPOSER®, we open up brand-new options for 3D visualization far beyond packaging and labels."

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Digital solutions to upgrade your product

Digitalization is and will continue to be increasingly important in the future. That's why we combine our products with digital elements to adapt them to customer needs. From a simple, digital ordering process to the creation of digital mock-ups and a digital product passport for greater transparency: Immerse yourself in the virtual world of KURZ and discover futureproof solutions to upgrade haptic products.

  • Customer portal: Flexible and transparent ordering process
  • DREAMCOMPOSER®: Virtual 3D models for visualizing real embellishment effects
  • Optimized workflow solutions: Barrier-fee, easy to use, accessible worldwide
  • Digital Product Passport: Transparent traceability of the entire product life cycle

Real benefits through digital solutions

Digital workflow solutions make our daily work much easier. Our products thrive on colors, shapes and the haptic experience, but in order to create future-oriented added value for customers, we enhance our haptic products with digital components. In reality, our digital solutions offer customers a wide range of benefits:

  • Cost-saving: No need to create expensive, physical mock-ups
  • More efficient: Fast and easy digital ordering process
  • High transparency: Simple traceability with our Digital Product Passport

Desire and Budget. Becoming best Friends.

Are high customer demands at the POS really compatible with cost-optimized production? We say ‘yes’, because our new product range ECOFIN® turns your products into cost-efficient eye-catchers. We ensure desire and budget become best friends. In addition, we were able to reduce the thickness of the PET carrier from 12µm to 10µm and even down to 6µm, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the entire process. Find out how you can perform better at the POS with the ECOFIN® transfer product range, while keeping an eye on efficiency and sustainability.

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Marco Hanisch
Head of Global Business Development Packaging and Print

"We want to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The reduction of carrier material is of the utmost importance. By minimizing input, we avoid waste and keep industrial cycles lean and sustainable."

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Stéphane Royère
Head of Business Area Packaging and Print International Sales and Marketing

"Without losing the typical KURZ performance characteristics, we have managed to develop an extremely cost competitive product for this market segment with the help of our factory in Malaysia. The result is the ECOFIN series."

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Nothing left to be desired

Our solutions meet all the requirements to stand out and make products sales-promoting: Fine detail and large-scale metallization with a wow-effect, high-gloss and outstanding results even on recycled cardboard. The new product range ECOFIN® delivers the usual excellent results and is available for hot stamping and cold transfer in web- and sheet-fed. Sustainability is not neglected: We have reduced our transfer carrier thickness, resulting in less waste material.

  • ECOFIN®: Available for hot stamping and cold transfer, web- and sheet-fed
  • Sustainability: Reduced transfer carrier material from 12 µm down to 10 µm (hot stamping) and down to 6 µm (cold transfer, web-fed)
  • Wow-effects: Available in an exclusive selection of limited gold and silver shades

High quality on a budget

High-quality finishing is cost-effective. Our ECOFIN® qualities have been developed to meet the latest market requirements as customized, gainful and sustainable products. Are you looking for affordable first-class finishing products and efficient processes? Is environmentally friendly and sustainable production important to you? Then you've come to the right place. ECOFIN® is manufactured in Asia and reaches our customers quickly and efficiently via the shortest routes (e.g. via our customer portal).

  • Material saving solutions
  • Cost-efficient manufacturing processes
  • High-quality results as usual

Security and Style. Attracting each Other.

At KURZ, security and style attract each other: Glittering holograms or colorful RFID and NFC labels that protect your products from counterfeiting? Security labels don't have to be boring. We develop customized security solutions for cosmetics, luxury goods, consumer goods and electronics, for example. With our security solutions, you can protect your brand and make it easy to identify original, legitimate products. Discover how we make security features not only secure, but also stylish.

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Kristina Trinack
Product Coordinator TRUSTCONCEPT

"We offer product security combined with strong appeal to the end-user. Security labels and other anti-counterfeiting measures can offer added value in terms of design. Security can be combined with style!"

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Making your products counterfeit-proof

Safety first: Color-intensive, iridescent or diffractive security labels not only attract attention, but above all protect your products. KURZ develops customized security solutions for various security levels. See for yourself at drupa 2024 why we are your first port of call when it comes to elegant security solutions for your products. Find out, for example, about the latest features and innovations for brand protection for all industries:

  • DynaKey: Multifunctional security feature for various industries
  • ValiGate®: Optimum counterfeit protection and first-class security marking

Additionally, our newest anti-counterfeiting development for government tax revenue purposes is:

  • Diffractive tax stamp paper: Cost-efficient, sustainable, tamper-proof

Stylish eye-catching safety features

All KURZ security labels are developed individually with the customer. This guarantees that the KURZ designers create a stylish security label that perfectly matches the customer's brand, whether the label is embossed on the packaging or directly on the product. You can also experience our truly outstanding real 3D effects with exciting depth effects and spectacular, sharp-edged individual image design. We will inform you about our stylish security concepts at drupa 2024. With the SFX's and Lens, any product can be taken to a new level: Precise, detailed and incredibly fascinating, so that the product cannot be overlooked on the shelf.

  • TRUSTSEAL® SFX: Magical transparent, metallized or colored 3D effects

Design and Sustainability. Sharing one Future.

Is high-quality design compatible with sustainability? In fact, products embellished with KURZ transfer finishes are recyclable, as no plastic film remains on the packaging or label after the finishing process. We take sustainability seriously: For example, we have reduced the thickness of our transfer carrier, and at the same time found a solution to convert residual PET material into a new raw material. With us, design and sustainability share one future. Are you curious why you should definitely trust us when it comes to sustainability?

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Rolf Schmidtke
International Key Account Management, Recosys Project Manager

"I remember kidding that KURZ would one day become a recycling company, to which I said, “I’ll probably be retired by then.” But now it’s a reality, and I’m very proud to say that KURZ is not only talking about sustainability but also acting on it."

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Annie Kuschel
Head of Design Management Packaging and Print

"Things are changing faster and faster, and at the same time, sustainability is key. We observe the new need for other forms of expression, for authenticity, for the necessity to protect our planet. All driven by the ideas of creative thinkers and technology drivers"

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Design for the future

Packaging design plays a decisive role in the brand experience. We are at the cutting edge: Our innovative and attractive product and design concepts reflect current trends. Our design management team develops new KURZ trends each year and works at the interface between creatives and the industry, to combine aesthetics with sustainability. Learn more about our sustainable design solutions at drupa 2024!

  • Trendsetting designs and inspiration
  • Innovative, sustainable design solutions
  • We support you from the initial idea to the finished product

Sustainable decoration life cycle

Sustainability is our promise: Whether it's our manufacturing processes, the application process, or our transfer carrier and products – we have a 360-degree view of sustainable management. This includes, for example, reducing the thickness of our transfer carrier and our recycling program. Find out more at drupa 2024 about why our products will put you one step ahead of the competition.

  • RECOSYS® 2.0: Recycling program to transform residual PET material into rPET
  • Ultra-thin carrier material: Reduction of the carrier thickness from 12 µm to 6 µm in the cold transfer area, and from 12 µm to 10 µm in the hot stamping area
  • No plastic film on the end product: Recyclability is not impaired by KURZ decoration – valid also for the KURZ TRANSFER METALLIZATION (KTM)




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